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Customers Don’t Want to Read, They Want to Watch

Let’s face it, people are watching these days. They’re not reading your 100-page guide product installation. You need to meet the speed of consumer demand.

Bought a new TV? They want to watch it NOW. Got the latest and greatest phone? Start posting and playing IMMEDIATELY.

Consumers want to use their product right now, not flip through pages and pages of 5pt text they need a magnifying glass to read.

That’s not to mention 30% of product returns happen due to bad onboarding.

Reading Is Out, Watching Is InThe Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an increase of 13.3% in watching content over a one-year period.

Let that sink in. In just one single year, consumers preferred to stream and watch rather than read by more than ten percent. Where do you think that should take your onboarding and marketing material?

Good Knowledge Discovery Tools Increase Sales

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of Consumers Switch Brands Due to Bad Support

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of Consumers Prefer Digital Self-Service Tools.

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of Customers Find Self-Service Answers

The Only AI-Powered Knowledge Base Platform That Truly Combines Your Media

Give the People What They Want:
Simplified Onboarding and Product Material

Consumers want simplicity. They want to feel understood. Give themwhat they want with the power of AI.

Transform all your documents, no matter the format, into an easy-to-consumer video stream that gives consumers what they want.

Convert traditional material into interactive video through our AI-powered content personalization modules.

Product onboarding and support that conforms exactly to individual consumer needs with NLP at its core.

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The customer journey that increases retention and user happiness is here with Korra. Video Onboarding + AI = Lead Generation

Korra helps you better understand your users without spending weeks on end gathering data on them. Our AI-based SaaS learns what consumers need and finds the solution, hands-free.

Onboarding has never been easier. Now, your customers can dive in head-first and start enjoying their new product with interruption-free video onboarding.

And when there’s a question? Korra handles it with ease. Customers can ask their question naturally and receive an interactive answer that highlights text and timestamps to reduce friction and product pain points.

Onboarding made easy with Korra.

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