Internal workplace search that improves employee efficiency

The file hunt is over. Korra’s internal workplace search engine ends the perpetual document pursuit

How deep does your file system go, do you think? Folder after folder with thousands of files in hundreds of formats liter drive.

No one has time to sort through decades of accumulated documents. And with that attitude, information gets lost, remade, and misinterpreted.

Employee Satisfaction Is Low A recent survey by Tech Target shows just how dissatisfied employees are with their company’s internal search. The gist: it’s really low.

Document-related inefficiencies lead to a 21% loss in productivity, equaling $20,000 per employee. That’s a lot of money spent on duplicating information that already exists. Who has the budget for that?

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It’s Costly to Operate Disorganized Storage and Document Access

~ 0 hours

Employees Spend Nearly 4 Hours Consolidating Document Data

$ 8973 /year

Companies Spend on Document Management

0 %

of Employees Recreate Content Because They Can’t Find It

The Only AI-Powered Knowledge Base Platform That Truly Combines Your Media

Search Your Company’s Entire Intranet in Seconds with Korra

Korra eliminates the need for employees to navigate through multiple disparate systems and databases. Instead, they can rely on Korra's easy-to-use interface and intuitive search features to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Integrates with common enterprise tools like Salesforce, Gmail, Slack, Box, and Dropbox.

Search results provide spot-on answers from a combination of sources and file formats, avoiding document recreation and research.

Designed to help employees save time and foster collaboration by combining the best elements of a traditional search engine with cutting-edge machine learning technology.

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PDF, webpage, video—Korra finds, organizes, and presents your data perfectly. With Korra, Internal Search Is Easier Than Ever

Imagine being able to find every document related to a specific topic at once. The time you’d save, the information you could access.

Korra provides that as a simple SaaS package that integrates seamlessly into your existing backend and storage databases.

Internal workplace search is finally fixed. Are you ready for the future of search?

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