The AI-Powered Knowledge Discovery Platform that Connects Your Users to the Answers They Need

Combine all your assets, no matter the format, to provide spot-on answers in an instant.

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Improve customer support case resolution rate

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Drive sales conversions
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Generate leads

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Document products

75% of users are frustrated with search experience

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Why is it broken?

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Silo’ed content

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Outdated search algorithms

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Users left to go the last mile on their own

Our Solution

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An Intuitive
Conversational Console

Present your information like a natural conversation with an AI-powered knowledge base that provides answers to natural queries.

No more manipulating search queries to trigger results. Korra gathers answers fast, using AI to intelligently answer any question by compiling material from a variety of formats and storage locations.

The fully conversational interface of Korra’s knowledge base is equipped with voice, text, and intuitive navigation to guide users through relevant material simply and efficiently.

Spot-On Answers
Every Time

Korra takes you straight to the answer. Whether documents are in the cloud, on your office NAS, uploaded to Vimeo, or somewhere else, we find it.

Users are directed to the exact paragraph or video timestamp for fast, relevant answers through intent-based search.

Our powerful Article WatchTM technology organizes and highlights answers, whether they’re in a document, a video, a website, or a combination. No more scrolling endlessly through PDFs.

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ai answers questions

Powerful Analytics Engine

Releasing a product is hard. Explaining it shouldn’t be.
Your customers deserve full, 360-degree knowledge—and so does your team.

Korra’s analytics engine provides never before visibility into user engagement with your content. Quickly identify and resolve content friction points and gaps.

An End-to-End SaaS Solution in Just 3 Steps

It takes just 3 steps to create a fully functional knowledge base with Korra. Try it out today.

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Cloud based SaaS platform with a user friendly Web based interface

ai knowledge base


Full integrations with leading knowledge base and file hosting systems (or your local hard disk)
 Any type any format

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Widgets, code snippets or a while labled URL for seamless integration into sites

Who Should Use Korra?

Optimize internal search, save on resources, and improve productivity with workplace search that actually works.

Better internal search designed for sales teams to guide prospects and increase conversions.

Transform your content into a personalized, interactive experience that drives leads and clarifies onboarding.

Optimize internal search, save on resources and improve productivity with workplace search that works.

The Only AI-Powered Knowledge Base Platform That Truly Combines Your Media

Korra is the only platform that combines data from videos and documents seamlessly.
Provide users with exactly what they want: answers

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