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Business storage solutions are a mess. Employees store data all over the place, and often recreate files that exist because they simply can’t find it.

Korra finds solutions across silos and formats automatically, collecting insights along the way.

From PDFs to HTML to video across cloud and local storage, Korra combines it all into one comprehensible format. We take it one step further by using a deep learning engine that understands user intent. This helps us provide accurate in-document and in-video answers—and combine them.

The 3 Components to Korra

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Knowledge Fusion Engine™

The heart of our product. Our engine imports content from siloed sources, formats them, and fuses them into a single proprietary format.

It also applies advanced NLP and AI to automatically generate tags and workflows.

With this Knowledge Fusion Engine™, applied NLP and neural vector search algorithms interpret user intent.

Knowledge Management Module

This is where users build, publish, and manage knowledge spaces.
Employees can create and curate knowledge units according to their workflow and needs, personalizing the Korra experience even at the backend.
Each user is able to upload folders and files to increase and improve the knowledge content available, regardless of overlap.

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Knowledge Discovery App

Where employees get the management module, consumers get the front-facing app.
This is where consumers ask a question, no matter how complex, and receive a simple answer.
With NLP, consumers can ask their questions naturally, avoiding keyword hunting and query manipulation.

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A Complete Toolbox for Sales and Support Teams

Korra’s Knowledge Discovery is built for sales and support teams to increase efficiency, accuracy, and leads.

Customer Support, or should we say, “customer success”.
Korra is packaged as a complete customer knowledge discovery solution for integrated external and internal solution centers. Consumers and support agents can both use Korra to find solutions quickly.

Our internal knowledge portal empowers sales and SDRs to answer customer queries efficiently and accurately, which increases lead generation and customer retention.
Sales teams can access content buried acres deep within your silos instantly to provide knowledgeable support.

Personalize the customer journey through interactivity. Our marketing module transforms your static content into a custom experience.
Take text from documents like PDFs, combine it with static video, and create a feed that guides users through the entire onboarding process.

Receive sophisticated user intent analytics from a module that helps product marketing associates identify and resolve consumer pain points, reduce friction, and close content gaps.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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