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The Role of Automation in Delivering Superior Customer Support

It’s no secret that automation plays an increasingly important role in our lives. From the factory floor to the retail sector, automation is helping businesses run more efficiently and cost-effectively. But what about customer support? Can automation play a role there too? The answer is yes, and in this article, we’ll explore how automation can help deliver a superior customer experience.

Introducing Automation into Customer Service

Automation can take the form of simple bots, chatbots, and virtual assistants that can help take care of simple customer queries and tasks. More complex automations implement AI and can take the form of digital customer assistants that can provide a more personalized support experience. Automation is essential for delivering an efficient and cost-effective customer support experience.

This can free up customer support staff to focus on more complex tasks and issues and provide a better overall customer experience.

The Benefits of Automation for Customers

Automation can take many forms, but at its core, automation is about using technology to automate tasks that human beings would otherwise perform. In customer support, automation can take the form of simple bots or chatbots that can help answer simple customer queries and complete basic tasks. More complex automation solutions make use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Faster Resolutions

Automation can help resolve issues more quickly and efficiently, with minimal effort on the part of the customer. This is because automation can provide instant answers to common questions and promptly route customers to the proper support channels—or use a single channel for easier navigation.

In a report from Microsoft, over 50% of consumers believe that failure to reach self-service resolutions is because the material isn’t available to them. Automation can help you resolve that issue, allowing customers easy access to information.

Korra is a single AI-powered knowledge discovery experience that finds answers in seconds. Customers can enter a natural phrase, and Korra will find the answer within your connected storage locations. PDFs, DOCX, YouTube—no matter the format, Korra can read it.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By automating repetitive and low-value tasks, businesses can free up customer support staff to focus on more complex issues. This can improve customer satisfaction, as customer support staff can provide a more personalized and tailored support experience.

Digital customer assistants can also provide a more personalized support experience by taking into account customer data and preferences. This allows businesses to offer a more customized and tailored support experience better suited to each customer’s needs.

Korra offers tailored solutions to all customers and support staff by learning from the user, not the other way around. Korra provides solutions no matter how you formulate the question, no matter how you organize your files, and no matter how complex a ticket is. We not only seek improved customer satisfaction but employee satisfaction too.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Automation can help businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity, as it can take care of simple and repetitive tasks that would otherwise need to be carried out by human employees. This can improve the overall efficiency of the business, but also of the customer. They don’t want to spend hours searching for answers or figuring out how your product works. They want to ask a question and receive an answer, simple.

American Express found that nearly 2/3rds of consumers want automated self-service solutions. They want the efficiency of automation to find answers themselves. Not just a faster way to reach your call center.

Korra is the self-service tool your customers need. Using NLP, our AI-powered search tool lets customers ask their questions to find their answers in seconds.

How to Leverage Automation in Customer Service

In customer service, automation can take many different forms. It can be as simple as a chatbot or virtual assistant that helps answer customer questions. More complex automation systems can use AI to provide a more personalized customer experience. No matter what form it takes, automation is essential for delivering an efficient and cost-effective customer support experience.

Chat Bots

Chatbots are one of the most popular forms of automation in customer service. Chatbots are computer programs that simulate human conversation. They can be used to answer simple customer questions, such as product availability or shipping times. Chatbots can also be used to handle more complex customer inquiries.

Virtual Assistants

Another form of automation that is becoming increasingly popular in customer service is the virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are computer programs that are designed to help users complete tasks. They can be used to schedule appointments, make travel arrangements, and even handle customer complaints.

Digital Customer Assistants

The digital customer assistant is the most advanced form of customer service automation. Digital customer assistants are computer programs that use AI to provide a more personalized customer experience. They can be used to answer customer questions, recommend products, and even resolve customer complaints.

Knowledge Platforms

Knowledge discovery platforms provide unprecedented levels of automation, specifically for finding information.

From onboarding to troubleshooting and more, these platforms (like Korra) are designed to automate the flow of conflict resolution and product understanding.

Join the Future of Automation for Customer Service

Automation in customer service is taking many different forms, but all have the same goal: to provide an efficient and cost-effective customer support experience. Businesses that fail to leverage automation will find themselves at a disadvantage compared to those that do. 

Korra is the leading automation platform for customer service. We provide businesses with the tools they need to deliver a superior customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you automate your customer service.


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