Power up your SMB with 100% self-service knowledge discovery for consumers

Finally—A New Form of Customer Support That Actually Provides Solutions

The hours spent sifting through useless, uninformative documents is insurmountable, killing efficiency, and ruining customer retention rates.

90% of users prefer to use self-service methods. That means they’re searching through your support database just like employees do. And we can tell you now that customers cannot find the information they need.

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Dissatisfied Customers Are Hurting Your Bottom Line

A knowledge base sounds self-explanatory, right? A place where consumers go for knowledge discovery about a product, feature, etc.

But have you thought about what goes into that knowledge base, how quickly answers can really be found, or the customer experience?

The fact is that consumers prefer self-service, but they’re not finding answers. The knowledge discovery process is broken.

Broken knowledge discovery is more expensive than it is time consuming

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of Consumers Switch Brands Due to Bad Support

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of Consumers Prefer Digital Self-Service Tools.

Just 0 %

of Customers Find Self-Service Answers

The Only AI-Powered Knowledge Base Platform That Truly Combines Your Media

Korra Fixes Self-Service Search Support Once and for All

Our AI-powered customer service database is built to streamline your support efforts, making it more efficient and intuitive than ever before.

Our AI search engine understands natural language, which means customers no longer have to type specific, robotic queries.

An integrated viewer takes customers directly to the relevant material, down to the paragraph or timestamp.

100% self-service support positioned for consumers to use prior to other help methods like live chat, phone, or email.

No matter how deeply buried your content is or where it’s located. Korra finds it.

Finally, the search is over (pun intended). Save company resources, reallocate funds, and boost customer retention all with the power of Korra’s customer support database platform.

Our end-to-end SaaS solution gives your customers everything they need to troubleshoot issues, learn more about the products they love, and become brand loyalists. No more keyword searching. No more time wasted on useless “help” pages. Just straightforward answers to natural language questions.

Answers. Straight and simple. Isn’t that the goal?

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