Korra for Agents

Increase Support Ticket Resolution Times 25%

Korra improves agent-customer relations by fostering a connection that improves interactions, boosts customer satisfaction, and decreases agent turnover.

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Save Agent Time and Company Money with Faster Support Access

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Time saved for agents performing mundane tasks

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Close rate for customer support tickets

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Decrease in open ticket rates

Empower Your Support Team with AI​ search

Benefits for Agents


Korra seamlessly combines customer data and support interactions into your existing CRM, enabling agents to have a holistic view of the customer journey.


Korra ensures secure access to sensitive information, providing a controlled environment for resolving customer issues effectively and safely.

Agent UI

Korra provides a tailored user interface designed for support agents, enabling efficient navigation and streamlined workflows.


Agents can safely exchange critical information, ensuring a protected environment that upholds data privacy across your support center.

Why Choose Korra

Korra is designed to revolutionize customer support with its innovative AI-driven approach. Our platform not only offers a seamless self-service experience for customers, but also empowers businesses to reduce support costs and improve overall customer satisfaction. By choosing Korra, you are investing in a future-proof support solution that will help you stay focused on what really matters to your business—growth.

Empower Your Support Team with AI​ search

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