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Elevate Your Workforce with a 40% Boost in Productivity

Korra streamlines internal search for employees with instant access to documents and data, enhancing collaboration, promoting innovation, and optimizing workflows.

Provide workplace AI search. Create portals for your teams

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Empower Your Support Team with AI​ search

Benefits for Your Team

Knowledge Gaps

With powerful analytics, Korra helps support teams identify and address gaps in internal knowledge, leading to better support outcomes.

Scalable Knowledge Management

Korra’s workplace search allows you to effortlessly scale your knowledge management operations to accommodate business growth and changing information needs.\

Increased Workplace Productivity

By providing quick and accurate information, Korra’s AI-powered internal search enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

Streamlined Collaboration

By centralizing access to information, Korra fosters better collaboration and communication among employees.

Use Cases


Harness AI search to help customers onload with their new products quickly. Improve user experience.

Equip new hires with instant access to essential documents, policies, and resources, accelerating their learning curve and fostering quick integration into the team.


Provide an accurate and quick way to guide product maintenance with AI search

Provide immediate access to technical documents, diagrams, and troubleshooting guides, enabling technicians to resolve issues swiftly and efficiently.

Content Management

Provide immediate access to design specifications, coding standards and more

Gain instant access to engagement analytics, content performance data, and usage insights, facilitating the creation of more engaging and impactful content.


Help your resellers to boost your products

Offer immediate access to product details, marketing materials, and sales tactics, facilitating a quicker and more effective product distribution process.

Product Management

AI search for supporting digital products

Get instant access to feature gaps and requests and customer trends, enabling an informed and strategic approach to product improvement.


AI search supporting users

Provide immediate access to design specifications, coding standards, and troubleshooting resources, enabling faster problem-solving and efficient project execution.

Why Choose Korra

Korra is designed to revolutionize customer support with its innovative AI-driven approach. Our platform not only offers a seamless self-service experience for customers, but also empowers businesses to reduce support costs and improve overall customer satisfaction. By choosing Korra, you are investing in a future-proof support solution that will help you stay focused on what really matters to your business—growth.

Empower Your Support Team with AI​ search

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