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Why Current Connected Search Will Never Work for Small Businesses and What to Do Next

Insight engines and connected search platforms offer businesses better visibility and boost traffic. What’s the problem? SMBs can’t benefit from these offerings in the same way enterprises can–if at all. Small businesses deserve the ability to provide their employees and their customers with immediate access to the answers they’re looking for. It shouldn’t be treated as hand-me-down technology simply due to cost, complexity, and a lack of integration. That’s where Korra takes shape, providing connected search that clears to the pitfalls of current insight engines specifically for SMBs.

What’s Wrong with Today’s Connected Search Options?

Today’s connected search options are great for big companies who can easily overcome the hurdles that insight engines usually come with. These include price, resources, integration, and more. But these hurdles are shaped more like crevasses for SMBs, looking eagerly across as big business grows.

Current Insight Engines are Too Expensive for SMBs

Simply put, most small businesses cannot afford current connected search platforms. The price of cutting-edge technology is often out of reach.

The good news is that beginning your journey with AI doesn’t have to cost a fortune. When current insight engines are too expensive for small and medium businesses, there are still options available. There are some innovative AI platforms, like Korra, that offer unique, powerful, and affordable SaaS platforms for SMBs.

Today’s ConnectedSearch Options are Time-Consuming

The vast array of data available from search, social media and other resources clearly has the potential to increase insight and drive business growth. However, most small businesses are struggling to mine the value from their data. In reality, accessing and analyzing this information takes time.

The problem is that current insight engines are too time-consuming for a small business. Small businesses don’t have the time or resources to sift through heaps of data to discover hidden gold.

We believe that every small business needs an insight engine that provides real-time insights on demand, in any industry, at a low cost.

They’re Way Too Resource-Heavy

These solutions, which analyze large document repositories, can give companies an unfair competitive advantage. Truly effective connected search insight engines for SMBs require enterprise-grade hardware and algorithms. For example, the same Hadoop cluster that would run a large company’s AI workflows might prove too resource-intensive for smaller businesses with fewer resources.

Furthermore, it takes expertise to design and implement these systems. Companies must consider their internal resources before choosing insight engine software. If they don’t have an in-house data scientist or open-source Hadoop specialist, they may have to hire externally or use a managed service to get insight engines up and running.

We, at Korra, shrink the necessary resources down ten-fold by providing you with a SaaS platform that integrates wherever you need it.

Most Require High Levels of Technical Expertise

Transforming data into valuable business insights requires a lot of time and sophisticated knowledge. This means that insight engines are usually limited to large enterprises with teams of data scientists, who can use this information to identify trends in the market. The major challenge that SMBs face is finding a way to incorporate analytical tools without having a deep knowledge of IT.

When choosing Korra, you don’t need to be a data scientist. We do the work for you for connected search that simply works. Not only can clients easily find answers to their questions, but you can find which question did not get a proper solution, and act in seconds, no matter how complex or deep into the data it may be.

Current Connect Search Engines Don’t Integrate Well

Enterprise search engines has difficult and IT-Intensive integrations into the programs and services most SMBs prefer – like Dropbox for file storage and sharing, Vimeo for video tutorials and more, or Zendesk as a user-friendly and SMB-friendly help desk.

Instead of being forced to migrate your data across, Korra combines it all into a single interface where answers can be found no matter where the solution is stored. All you have to do is connect it and our SaaS platform will do the rest.

Next Steps: Start Using SMB-Friendly Korra's Search

Korra is a powerful tool for support teams of any size working within SMBs that are looking to boost their level of service and take their customer support to the next level.

There’s no doubt that connected search has incredible potential, but you shouldn’t be left on the wayside simply due to company size. Korra solves that problem. Get a demo of your business’ future insight engine today.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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