Building a Knowledge Portal Platform – Part three

The architect’s cut This is the third part in my ongoing series about how to build a knowledge portal platform, from the software architecture perspective. Read the previous part here. Horizontal scaling One of the proclaimed advantages of microservices is the ability to scale horizontally. All we need to do is to add more machines, […]

Building a knowledge portal platform – Part two

This is the 2nd post in my “knowledge portal architecture” series. See the first article and introduction here Pride In Performance – Which Performance? Imagine you ask a young, nerdish developer what’s the most important goal of his efforts in coding. What would be his answer? I would bet that the majority would go for […]

The Bible of Knowledge Management

Ultra-orthodox jews study a lot. One of the most revered occupations one can have is being a student in a Yeshiva. In fact, if you are a Torah pundit, you can get married easily, with girls coming from rich families, even if your parents are poor. Kind of the Jewish Revenge Of The Nerds. There […]

chatGPT, customer service and knowledge management: do we hear a roar of a revolution?


TL;DR The internet is exploding about chatGPT. Can it be industrially used for customer service and knowledge management? Or should we stick with companies like Zendesk, Freshdesk, KorraAI, Document360 and the like? Advantages: Appears super intelligent! And very well understood No need to browse through many search results: can summarize many answers into one Disadvantages […]

Conquering the Fear of Managing Knowledge

artificial intelligence future

why knowledge management is really people leadership In the beginning there was a definition. Before we talk about the challenges associated with Knowledge Management, and how to solve some of them, let’s formalize the different parts of the “Knowledge Management” 2-words duo. What is knowledge? Often overlooked and taken for granted, Knowledge is the basis […]

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